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E-line Wine ATC Refractometer:
0-20 Baume & 0-25 Alcohol Probable (A.P.)


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This E-line Refractometer has two industry specific scales used in the wine industry to express the ripeness of grapes at point of harvest.

The Baum═ scale is used in differing regions of France, Spain and Australia to provide payment factors based on grape must (juice) sugar content, whereas the alternative Probable Alcohol scale expresses the same information as an estimate of the alcohol content of the wine at the end of the fermentation process and is commonly used in France and in the north-east regions of Spain.

All e-line Wine refractometers are fitted with automatic temperature compensation and are supplied with a plastic pipette, hard storage case and a printed English instruction manual - with other languages available to download from the Internet including French, German and Spanish.

Type: Beer & Wine
Range: 0-20 Baum═ / 0-25 A.P. (Probable Alcohol)
Scale Division: 0.2 ? Brix / 0.2 A.P.


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