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Automotive Hydrometer for testing AdBlueŠ Specific Gravity (SG)


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A hydrometer is a scaled device that measures the specific gravity of a liquid, which in turn is proportional to concentration.

This Automotive hydrometer is low cost tool offering excellent value for money providing a direct readout in specific gravity (SG) of diesel exhaust fluids (DEF) such as AdBlueŽ.

Simply drop the collection pipe into the NOx reduction system tank, use the suction device to draw a sample into the measurement chamber and read the specific gravity (density) of the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF or AdBlueŽ) from the hydrometer shaft.

AdBlueŽ is a registered trademark of the VDA Verband der Automobileindustrie e.V.

Type: Automotive DEF Hydrometer
Range: 1.068-1.093


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