Free folding probe thermometer with applicable OPTi refractometers this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We’ve said before that Temperature control when measuring with a refractometer is key to achieving accurate and consistent results and this Black Friday and Cyber Monday we’re doubling down on this message by giving away a precision folding probe thermometer - the TLC 700 - for free when you purchase an applicable OPTi.

The TLC 700 folding probe thermometer is a fantastic partner to the OPTi given that it is perfect for applications including brewing and jam making. It’s precise, has a clear display and is rated to IP65. What more could you possibly need? A certificate of calibration? Absolutely! This is Refractometer Shop after all, where all of our instruments are supplied with certification.

Look out for the blue circle, indicating which of our refractometers are eligible for a free TLC 700 thermometer, but hurry this offer is limited to the first 10 customers this week!