Save money on refractometer calibration

Refractometer Shop’s range of calibration solutions for handheld and bench-top refractometers come from Bellingham + Stanley’s UKAS accredited laboratory. This means customers that purchase from us can calibrate their instrumentation to traceable standards – a must for anyone looking to follow GLP.

Bellingham + Stanley recently posted a blog containing an interview with their Technical Services Manager who spoke about what it means to be an UKAS accredited calibration laboratory. Of note were the benefits this brings to customers; specifically how being accredited to one highly recognisable standard promotes an almost global appreciation. He clarified, Owing to a series of multilateral recognition agreements, accreditation by UKAS is automatically recognised as equivalent in 80 economies across the world.” 

This tested once, accepted everywhere,” approach means that Bellingham + Stanleys customers, who often work in global markets, can recognise international marques and know that their own particular countrys standards are met.

So if you are not in the UK, look out for the ILAC MRA symbol that identifies which of our calibration materials are recognised by an accreditation board in your country or region.

You can read more of this interview on Bellingham + Stanley’s blog

A Range of Refractometer Calibration Materials

Our solutions include organic compound calibration oils, long-life aqueous AG fluids, and sugar solutions.

Calibration Oils

Calibration Oils are organic compounds that cover the range 1.47 -1.56 RI and cover the top end of the Brix scale. Calibration Oils have a shelf life of 12-months.

AG Fluids

Aqueous solutions that cover the range 1.33-1.40 RI (0-40 °Brix equivalent) and have a shelf life of 12-months. They are ideal for calibrating refractometers that have temperature control

Sucrose Solutions

Sucrose solutions offer ease of use when calibrating instruments that do not have temperature control but instead rely on temperature compensation based on sugar (in accordance with ICUMSA). These are often preferred by manufacturers of food and beverage or users of our Eclipse or other manufacturers optical handheld refractometers.

In many instances our calibration materials can be bought as single bottles or boxes of 5 for your convenience. You can find our range of refractometer calibration solutions here. To speak to us about the possibility of calibration contracts for uninterrupted supply then contact us today.

Save Money This July

Throughout July Refractometer Shop is offering customers the chance to save 5% on all products in within our Calibration and Accessories collection. This includes individual bottles of sucrose solutions, bulk-buy packs of 5 calibration oils, and even replacement illuminator flaps for Eclipse refractometers, contact liquids and test plates.

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