OPTi digital refractometer for wine (%Mass/Alcohol Probable)

OPTi digital refractometer - Wine (%Mass/Alcohol Probable)

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OPTi digital handheld refractometer for determining the probable alcohol content and %Mass of grape must.

% mass or % mass fraction, is the legal scale specified by OIML for the measurement of grape must.  Other nationally preferred scales commonly used and/or written in to local laws in various countries such as Brix, Oecshle, Babo, Baume, Alcohol Probable (AP or probable alcohol) relate to either specific gravity, refractive index or mass fraction. Wine (grape must) refractometers tend to have both % mass and a locally recognised scale so that measurements taken stick to legal requirements no matter which regulation is being adhered to.

OPTi refractometers are Made in the UK using stainless steel injection moulding to construct easy clean prism dish. Learn more about the OPTi digital handheld refractometer here.


Prod code: 38-41
Cost: £220.00
Range: 0-35 (%Mass) / 0-22 (AP)
Scale: %Mass/Alcohol Probable (AP)
Resolution: 0.1


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