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OPTi duo refractometer propylene glycol percent and frost protection

OPTi Digital handheld refractometer - % Propylene Glycol & °C Protection

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Bellingham + Stanley OPTi Duo Heat Transfer PG/C refractometer. Scale A displays Propylene Glycol % vol (PG) and scale B shows the freezing point or frost protection (temperature) provided by propylene glycol at the measured concentration (°C Protect). Issued with Certificate of Calibration

This OPTi digital refractometer has glycol based temperature compensation making it more precise than other refractometers that simply apply water or sugar based correction.   This dual scale OPTi refractometer is for engineers wishing to measure glycol heat exchange fluids. 

  • % vol//vol propylene glycol scale
  • °C frost protection (freezing point) 
  • glycol based automatic temperature compensation to 20 °C
  • for heat transfer fluids
  • heat exchange fluids
  • ground source heat pump fluids
  • radiator fluids
  • and more

OPTi refractometers are Made in the UK using stainless steel injection moulding to construct easy clean prism dish. Learn more about the OPTi digital handheld refractometer here.

Product code: 38-70
Range:  0-60% propylene glycol by volume
              0 to -50 °C frost protection
Resolution: 0.1 / 1

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