OPTi Wine refractometer - Mass/Oe-CH

OPTi Duo Wine OE-CH refractometer (Mass/Oe-CH)

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This refractometer has been specifically designed with winemakers in mind. It incorporates both the standard Brix scale for measuring sugar and also the Oechsle scale. The Oechsle (CH) scale is based on Swiss data and is ideal for measuring grape must in Switzerland. For the German scale, please search code 38-42.

The Oechsle scale has traditionally been used on a hydrometer when measuring grape must, however by using a refractometer you can be sure to use less sample, create little to no mess, and have no need to use expensive glass hydrometer jars in a wet environment! 

OPTi refractometers are Made in the UK using stainless steel injection moulding to construct easy clean prism dish. Learn more about the OPTi digital handheld refractometer here.

Product code: 38-43
Range: 0-35 %Mass (°Brix)/ 0-130 Oe (CH) 
Resolution: 0.1 %Mass (°Brix) / 1.0 Oe (CH)


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