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OPTi Brix 54 digital refractometer

OPTi Brix 54 Digital Refractometer

Basic and most popular Brix model ideal for all manor of uses. Bellingham + Stanley designed OPTi digital hand held refractometers are manufactured in the UK as highly reliable premium quality instruments suitable for use in the harshest of environments across a wide application scope.

OPTi refractometers are constructed using the latest manufacturing techniques including stainless steel injection molding to construct the easy clean prism dish and ultrasonic welding to bond the housings; a rubberized switch membrane to further protect against moisture ingress and excess wear.

The OPTi refractometer may be used to control the dissolved solids or blend ratios of numerous products from fresh fruit to industrial chemicals.

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Your concentration, under control.

Handheld refractometers and accessories from UK manufacturer, Bellingham + Stanley. Specialising in optical and digital refractometers. Instruments for measuring beer, jam, honey, marmalade and syrups. Automotive refractometers for measuring AdBlue® (DEF) concentrations and Antifreeze. Sports science refractometers for urine testing and refractometers for aquariums.

Food and Beverage Refractometer

Food & Beverage

For measuring sugar content in jam, marmalade, syrups and sauces.

Beer and Wine Refractometer

Beer & Wine

For measuring beer & wine. Improve your homebrew consistency.

Automotive Refractometer


For measuring diesel exhaust fluids such as AdBlue® as well as antifreeze concentrations

Life Science Refractometer

Life Science

Refractometers for Sports science, aquariums and veterinary.

Thermometer and data logger


Multi-purpose thermometers and data loggers.

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NOTE: AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the VDA Verband der Automobileindustrie e.V.