50 Refractometer scales in the palm of your hand

The new OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer from Bellingham + Stanley is a perfectly portable instrument for taking refractive measurements on-the-go. Its ergonomic design and durable materials feel great in the hand — whilst the 2 second read time means you’ll never be waiting around for results.

One of the most exciting new features of the OPTi is its onboard library of 50 common refractometer scales. The list of scales includes regularly used scales across food & beverage, automotive, industrial, life science and wine & beer. From Brix to Zeiss via glucose, fructose and and water-in-honey.  

Each OPTi scale has been best matched with a “sample-relevant” Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) table to provide the best measurement performance achievable for a digital handheld refractometer. For more information on how OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometers use Automatic Temperature Compensation for reliable results click here.

Every OPTi comes with space for 3 interchangeable scales, accessible at the touch of a button. Many of the application based OPTi refractometers will come with 2 or 3 pre-loaded scales related to a common theme. This OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer - Automotive for instance has 3 preselected scales which makes this particular refractometer ideal for fleet managers or mechanics working in garages. 

Perhaps you’re a winemaker and need Brix for one application, and Alcohol Probable for the next? No problem! Switching scales only takes a moment. The OPTi is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to monitor and control your concentration whether you’re in a lab, a kitchen or sampling fruit juices in a vineyard. 

How to set new scales on the OPTi

This video, posted by Bellingham + Stanley shows new users how to navigate the OPTi menus and talks through the initial setup of the OPTi refractometer for first time use.  

The initial setup video features: 

  • Switching on for the first time
  • Setting scales
  • Enabling PIN protection
  • Changing temperature display
  • Taking a reading
  • Calibration

The full list of common refractometer scales for OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometers enables you to tailor your new digital refractometer the way you want it. With the ability to pre-load 3 interchangeable scales from an onboard library of 50, there are over 9880 possible OPTi combinations. This level of customisation makes the OPTi one the most flexible refractometers on the market today.

You can download the full list of onboard refractometer scales here.

Please note: The index number for each scale corresponds to the scale within the OPTi’s onboard library. It is important to pay attention to this number when setting up your OPTi, as this will be your main reference for selection. 

Want to know more?

If you require assistance when setting up your new OPTi, or would like to purchase a pre-selected model, then please contact us today. If you are still thinking to yourself "what is the best handheld refractometer to buy today?” and haven’t yet bought a new OPTi, then we invite you to consider the following question: What do you measure?