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Refractometers for life science

Our instruments for Life Science include aquaculture and aquarium refractometers, low volume refractometers for entomology, as well as test strips for oil in water. These test papers detect the presence of oils (such as diesel) in water. Quick and simple to use, they’re perfect for early detection of contamination at waterlogged sites prior to lab testing.

Low volume refractometers such as the model 45-81 Eclipse refractometer can measure nectar samples taken from flowers by using a specially adapted prism flap. The enhanced flap has a precision machined face - enabling very close contact with the prism allowing for a very thin film of sample.

Life science doesn’t stop on land. We also stock refractometers designed to help you keep your aquarium water at optimal levels.

Our range of optical and digital refractometers for life science are made in Germany by Bellingham + Stanley.

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