Veterinary & Colostrum testing

Refractometers for veterinary and farming

A selection of easy to use refractometers for veterinarians and farmers for testing colostrum, blood and urine samples taken from animals. Refractometers are widely used by vets due to samples often being difficult to obtain or, in the case of colostrum, being a valuable commodity. Our refractometers only need a small drop of sample to give an accurate, clear reading.

Testing colostrum

OPTi Colostral/Dairy refractometers are ideal for indicating the colostrum level within milk fed to newborn foals, calves & lambs during the critical first days of life. The use of a refractometer allows the level of immunoglobulin to be assessed quickly and effectively (within seconds) allowing for informed decision making with regards to the quality of colostrum.

Our range of optical and digital refractometers for veterinary and colostrum testing are made in Germany by Bellingham + Stanley.

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