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Refractometer calibration and accessories

At Refractometer Shop we have a range of calibration materials and accessories to help keep your refractometer in tip-top shape. Whether you’re looking for UKAS certified AG fluid, Sucrose solution, replacement refractometers flaps or an inexpensive carry case for your digital refractometer, this is the area for you.

Remember, your readings and results are only as good as your calibration. Refractometers work within fine margins and are delicate scientific instruments. Look after your refractometer and it’ll serve you well for many years to come.

Our calibration fluids are manufactured by Bellingham + Stanley and certified in their UKAS accredited calibration laboratory no. 0834 in accordance with ISO 17025:2005. Whilst we endeavour to send stock as soon as possible please note that calibration items are subject to a 5-10 working days lead time.

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