Refractometers for the automotive industry

Whilst the majority of our refractometers are used in the food & beverage industry we also supply many refractometers for automotive use. Using the same techniques to obtain a reading as a Brix refractometer, our automotive instruments are able to test coolant fluids and battery acid - ideal for vehicle service centres, garages and car manufacturers.

In an effort to reduce environmental pollution, the EU has established regulations regarding emissions from heavy and light goods vehicles. One method adopted by vehicle manufacturers to help comply to the regulations is SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which chemically reduces Nix emissions using a urea fuel additive.

AdBlue® (DEF in the USA) is one such additive that is stored as a concentration in a separate tank to the fuel prior to mixing. It is essential that these systems are not compromised and that the concentration is accurately maintained. Handheld refractometers can be used to measure the concentration of AdBlue® (DEF) and exhaust gases. Given that precision is key, we recommend using an OPTi digital refractometer to determine the 32.5% mix required for efficient systems.

Our range of optical and digital refractometers for automotive use are all made in Germany by Bellingham + Stanley.

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