Consistent Results Require Temperature Control

Temperature control when measuring with a refractometer is key to achieving accurate and consistent results. Here at Refractometer Shop this is something we are keenly aware of and that is why we have teamed up with thermometer and data logger specialists, ebro – a Xylem brand, in order to bring you the perfect line-up of complementary products to our handheld refractometer range.

Founded in 1968, ebro Electronic has specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality instruments for measuring temperature, humidity, pH-values, oil quality and pressure. Products designed by ebro are suitable for use in a variety of demanding situations including food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical as well as for use at home.

Now stocking ebro product

We’ll now be stocking high quality products such as the TLC 700 digital precision fold-back core temperature thermometer (ideal for use in brewing, food preparation or general industrial applications) and the EBI 300 reusable USB temperature data loggers with optional temperature and humidity probes. These pocket-sized USB data loggers monitor critical temperatures of valuable samples such as human tissue, chemicals and foodstuffs during transit. Being reusable means that once a job has been completed and a reading taken, the EBI 300 can be reset and is then ready to monitor again.

Data loggers & multipurpose thermometers

If reusing a data logger is not of interest, then we’ve got that covered too! The EBI 330-T30 is a single use USB data logger similar to the reusable EBI 300, but without the easy-to-read LCD screen and extended battery time and memory. Simply connect the data logger to a USB port on your PC to take a reading from the automatically generated PDF report. The EBI 330 Single Use Data Logger is perfect for one-way trips. It comes in packs of 10 and can be purchased here.

For those looking for a multipurpose thermometer, look no further than ebro’s TLC 730. This device is a dual-function thermometer offering both core readings via its foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor for the most hygienic way of measuring temperature.

For a full range of thermometers and data loggers at Refractometer Shop click here and for our entire catalogue of refractometers visit the website.