Measuring the dilution of green energy solutions with refractometers designed for heat transfer fluids

As latest building regulations dictate the need to incorporate energy efficient solutions into domestic and commercial property builds, many architects turn to thermal heat collector systems as part of their green energy strategy to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of properties under construction.

Whether thermal heat collectors are above ground as part of a closed loop hot water system or as a more complex geothermal installation where collection pipes are laid below lakes, ponds and garden landscapes, consideration to heat transfer efficiency and more importantly the effects of freezing weather conditions in winter has to be considered from the outset.

Manufacturers have adopted propylene glycol as the base chemical for most heat transfer fluids, not only because of its high heat transfer characteristic that allows energy to easily flow between the source and circulated fluid, but also as it has excellent antifreeze properties that provides protection in the sub-zero temperatures of winter keeping systems fully operational and ensuring an efficient energy harvest all year round!

However, getting the concentration right from the outset of installation and during routine maintenance is paramount to both system efficiency and protection and many professionals turn to Bellingham + Stanley OPTi digital handheld refractometers (available right now at Refractometer Shop) to accurately measure the dilution ratios of heat transfer fluids.

Using a digital refractometer is far easier and measurement is more precise compared to a conventional refractometer as the instrument takes care of any temperature corrections needed when working out in the cold.  It only takes a drop of sample and the touch-of-a-button to get an instant concentration readout that you can rely on,” said one commercial installer. 

OPTi refractometers for the measurement of heat transfer fluids are available as single or dual scale instruments with results displayed as °C Frost Protection, % Glycol by volume and of course the core measurement, refractive index.

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