New UK Calibration Laboratory for precision thermometers and data loggers

Xylem opens new Calibration Laboratory for precision thermometers and data loggers

Analytical instrument experts, Xylem Analytics UK, are pleased to announce the opening of a new Calibration Laboratory at its Bellingham + Stanley facility in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The new facility is brought to you in conjunction with Ebro, manufacturers of precision thermometers and data loggers for over 50 years. Ebro's instrument expertise has given customers confidence in using their products in many different applications within the food and beverage industry; from simple catering instruments that check food is piping hot to complex wireless systems that monitor warehouses and supermarket chilling systems.

Specialists in temperature and humidity monitoring

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of food in transport and storage is Xylem brand Ebro’s specialty and Xylem Analytics UK are harnessing that expertise in 2019 with the opening of a brand new Calibration Laboratory. The custom-built facility offers fixed price inspection, repair, calibration and certification on a range of thermometers and data loggers - including non-Xylem product.

The importance of verifying the performance of any temperature monitoring device is paramount if we are to be sure that perishable goods are stored and transported in a safe and consistent manner. Likewise, it is imperative to know that critical temperatures within the pasteurisation process of, say, a dairy based beverage or fruit juice packaging process is sustained for a specified period as part of HACCP. It is also as important to verify that the equipment being used for such purposes is in itself reliable and traceable to primary standards. Xylem’s new Calibration Laboratory fulfils this need.

For more information about our range of precision thermometers and data loggers for the food and beverage industry, please visit our collection. To enquire about thermometer or data logger calibration give Xylem Analytics a call on 01892 500 400 or email them today.