OPTi refractometer monitors hydration levels of world class athletes

In today’s highly competitive sports arena, world class athletes no longer rely on hard work and determination alone to achieve their goal; sports science is now a key to success and refractometers play a vital role in ensuring optimum levels of hydration are maintained during training and competition.

The OPTi-Sport handheld refractometer hygienically provides measurement in two scale formats; one for measuring the sugar content of liquids ingested and more importantly a second scale to monitor urine specific gravity, which is directly linked to hydration. Operation is simple. First the correct scale is selected then with just a small amount of sample on the prism, the read button is depressed. The temperature corrected result is then digitally displayed in less than 4-seconds.

“The OPTi-Sport urine analysis equipment provided by Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, provides the Great Britain and England Hockey Teams with scientific evidence to support their hydration protocols during training and competition. This allows elite players the opportunity to optimise their performances and junior players an education tool.” Laura Hanna, National Physiotherapy Manager, Great Britain and England Hockey.