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Today we leave the European Union - What does it mean to me?

Today, after 4 years of negotiations, the United Kingdom leaves the EU (European Union) and as a result many of our customers across the channel may be asking "what does it mean to me as a Refractometer Shop customer?" 

Well, in short, nothing much will change except our prices to EU countries will no longer show the 20% UK tax added and "EU Zero Tax" form that previously required completion to negate UK tax. 

Instead, all EU orders will be treated as export orders and as such will be "zero tax rated" automatically. 

All our export shipments are made with the necessary export documents to provide a smooth transit through customs; something we have been doing for the many shipments we have made to countries outside of the EU since 2004.

So as we enter this new era for the UK, we look forward to continuing working with all of our customers across the globe, whether they be near or far.

Here's to a prosperous and safe 2021.