Industrial (incl. Aviation & Heat Transfer)

Refractometers for aviation, fire fighting & heat transfer

Our industrial refractometers cover a broad spectrum of applications including heat transference refractometers, machine quenchants, refractometers for fire fighting foam and even refractometers used in the aviation industry.

The model 45-46 Eclipse refractometer which measures glycol % is a useful instrument for engineers working on air-conditioners, heat exchangers or even pasteurisers - and because it’s an Eclipse refractometer it is IP65 rated against moisture ingress.

Our refractometers for aviation include an OPTi designed specifically for determining the concentration of aircraft anti-icing fluids (glycol & additives). When mixed with water prior to application to an aircraft’s wings the anti-icing fluids prevent ice build up during take-off.

For the fastest, most accurate way of measuring Brix or Refractive Index by hand, we recommend the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer which measures between 0-95 °Brix as standard.

Our range of optical and digital refractometers for industrial applications are made in Germany by Bellingham + Stanley.

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