SenTix® pH Electrode 42 and 41

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Epoxy pH combination electrode with gel electrolyte, a built-in temperature sensor, BNC plug and banana plug, DIN plug available on SenTix® 41. Probe length 120mm, cable length 1m.

SenTix® 42 and SenTix® 41

SenTix® 42 electrodes are ideal for all laboratory bench-top pH meters thanks to its common BNC style plug, as well as being compatible to several portable pH meters (please contact us for compatibility confirmation if you are unsure).

For users requiring an electrode with a DIN connector, please choose SenTix® 41.

Robust Electrodes

SenTix® 42 and SenTix® 41 electrodes are created using an epoxy casing, and are therefore perfect for where glass is not a suitable option. Thanks to the use of rugged, high quality parts throughout construction SenTix® 42 and SenTix® 41 combination electrodes are suitable for all non-aggressive, hazardous, water-based samples.

SenTix® 42 and SenTix® 41 electrodes are especially suitable for measuring pH in the following applications:


  • Aquarium water
  • Electroplating wastewater
  • Soil extract
  • Swimming pool water
  • Wastewater