pH & Conductivity

From time to time Refractometer Shop adds products that go hand in hand with our high quality handheld refractometers for measuring Refractive Index and Brix. This collection of instrumentation and electrodes for measuring pH values and conductivity from are manufactured by Xylem brands from around the world.

Why measure pH?

pH is one of the most frequently measured values in aqueous solutions. Measuring the pH of a solution can tell you whether it is acid, neutral or alkaline. The sensor used for measuring pH is a pH electrode, consisting of a measuring electrode and a reference.

Refractometer Shop now stocks a range of SenTix® quality electrodes from WTW, a Xylem brand.

  • Low-resistance membrane glass give stable measurement signals even at low temperatures.
  • Silver ion-free reference electrolyte together with the proven platinum wire junction prevents measurement problems due to precipitating silver compounds.
  • Slider for easy refilling of liquid electrolyte.
  • Connection options include waterproof DIN plug, BNC plug, fixed cable (1 or 3 m) or plug head (S7).

What is Conductivity?

Conductivity is an electrochemical measurement, and a sum parameter of ionic concentration in a sample. The bigger the concentration of salt, acid or base is, the better the conductivity will be. The common unit for conductivity is Siemens/m: S/m (or S/cm). In practice conductivity measurement is used for monitoring plants, quality control of ultra-pure water and determining salinity in sea water.

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