Eclipse 0-30 Brix refractometer for colostrum

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A rugged refractometer measuring with a 0-30 Brix range with a 0.2 scale division. This handheld refractometer can be used by farmers looking to measure colostrum quality before feeding newborn livestock in the vital first stages of life. 

There have been advances in refractometer technology over the years, and the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer is testament to that. Now’s the time to make the jump to a pocket-sized digital refractometer. Click here for more. 

The 0-30 Brix refractometer is a versatile instrument thanks to the 0-30 range and can also be used for food applications including fruit ripeness and sauce manufacturing.

With an IP65 rating as standard, this Eclipse refractometer is rated against moisture ingress making it extremely suitable for use in kitchens, factories and other wet environments.

This refractometer will come supplied with a conversion table used to determine colostrum quality. Alternatively you can choose the OPTi version, which digitally converts the reading for you.

The Eclipse refractometers are made in Germany and recognised as one of the world’s most reliable and robust optical refractometers on the market today. Learn more about Eclipse refractometers here.

Product code: 45-02 (FAQ-HH-016)
Range: 0-30 Brix
Scale: 0.2