Calibration Materials

Whilst we pride ourselves in selling high quality handheld refractometers, it’s always important to remember that refractometers are sensitive scientific instruments and as such should be handled and maintained accordingly.

Calibration is key to reliable results

Refractometer and Polarimeter manufacturer Bellingham + Stanley says:

Production facilities throughout the World rely on refractometers and polarimeters for quantity and quality control. No matter what the make or type of instrument, results are only as good as the calibration regime behind the measurement. GLP dictates that instruments should be kept in good working order and be regularly calibrated using traceable standards.

Bellingham + Stanley, a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0834, offer a choice of materials suitable for use with different instrument types and applications.”

Refractometer calibration choices

At Refractometer Shop we stock calibration solutions direct from Bellingham + Stanley. We offer a range of solutions including:

AG Fluids (aqueous solutions covering 1.33-1.40 RI)

Calibration Oils (organic compounds covering 1.46-1.56 RI)

Sucrose Solutions (covering 0-60 Brix)

CRM Packs (Verification packs comprising a variety of AG Fluids and Calibration Oils)

To view our range of calibration solutions click here, or for more details on Bellingham + Stanley’s range of calibration materials visit their website.