20 Pack AG Fluid calibration pack for refractometers

AG Fluids for Refractometer Calibration (pack of 20 x 5ml) (UKAS/NIST)

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Bellingham + Stanley Refractometer Calibration Fluid: 20 x 5ml (UKAS/NIST).  Sealed Glass bottles with screw cap.

Supplied with 20 pipettes, SDS information and UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025). 

Buying a 20 pack saves overall cost of calibration due to a reduced "per bottle price", reduced "per bottle shipping cost" and reduced "purchasing time cost per bottle." 

By supplying in small volume bottles protects against adulteration between use compared to a single 100ml bottle.

  • Lowest cost option
  • Long life
  • Non toxic
  • Low Brix value (with equivalent RI value)
  • No special storage required