Eclipse handheld refractometer - Refractive Index

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This high quality refractometer has been designed with specialists in mind. The 1.33-1.42 refractive index scale is in fact the primary scale from which all other scales are derived. You could, therefore, use this refractometer for almost any application - providing you had the information required to form your results. For most users we recommend our application-based refractometer, however for specialist use this can be used for chemicals, surfactants, detergent blends, fertilisers, diesel fuel additives, and anti-freeze fluids.

Eclipse refractometers are made in Germany and recognised as one of the world’s most reliable and robust optical refractometers on the market today. Learn more about Eclipse refractometers here.

Product code: 45-41
Range1.33-1.42 RI
Resolution: 0.001