Eclipse 0-15 Brix handheld refractometer

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This 0-15 Brix Eclipse refractometer is a low range model with a multitude of uses. A refractometer that is ideal for sodas and fruit ripeness in the food and beverage industry as well as proving extremely useful as a way of measuring industrial coolants such as cutting fluid, quenchant, lubricants, and fire fighting foam.

There have been advances in refractometer technology over the years, and the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer is testament to that. Now’s the time to make the jump to a pocket-sized digital refractometer. Click here for more. 

The 0-15 Brix Eclipse is our lowest range, offering a short range whilst maintaining the precision engineered housing associated with our Eclipse range.

The Eclipse refractometers are made in Germany and recognised as one of the world’s most reliable and robust optical refractometers on the market today. Learn more about Eclipse refractometers here.

Product code: 45-01
Range: 0-15
Scale: Brix