Hydrometer for measuring AdBlue® (DEF)

Hydrometer for measuring AdBlue® (DEF)

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Bellingham + Stanley Hydrometer for measuring AdBlue®

The Go/NoGo hydrometer simply indicates whether the sampled AdBlue® falls within specification (GO) or not (NoGo).  This version is ideal for on-the-spot audits where a record of the measurement in specific gravity or %concentration of AdBlue® is not required, for example, at a Fleet or Rental vehicle receiving station. 

Should the test result be NoGo (out of specification), especially if liability is transferred to the renter, a second reading with an instrument capable of displaying an actual reading, such as an OPTi refractometer, should be used.

Product Code: 44-862

DEF (AdBlue®) Hydrometer (SG) with 1.086-1.093 (Specific Gravity) range

The SG hydrometer is graduated in specific gravity and so it is possible to record a reading value directly.

Product Code: 44-865


AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.