Polarimeter tube, glass, stainless steel or PEEK ends for highly acidic samples

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Bellingham + Stanley glass polarimeter tubes for highly acidic samples such as hydrochloric acid.  Straight or cup shaped centre-fill for easy sample entry. 

Straight fill arm is ideal for accepting temperature probes such as those fitted to ADP Series polarimeters from Bellingham + Stanley.  

Endcaps are removable using a special tool so that the gland washers may be changed.  XPC adaptors for use with ADP polarimeters utilising XPC Technology (Xylem's patented Peltier temperature control system) as well as spare endcaps, gaskets and windows are also available.  

PEEK ends are recommended for use with hydrochloric acid (HCl) that is often used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry.

Precision ground ends for high precision optical rotation analysis.  Ideal for both optical and digital polarimeters or saccharimeters.

Stainless Steel - Straight fill

Product Code: 35-10 (100mm length)

Product Code: 35-11 (200mm length)

Stainless Steel - Cup fill

Product Code: 35-17 (100mm length)

Product Code: 35-18 (200mm length)

PEEK - Straight fill

Product Code: 35-12 (100mm length)

Product Code: 35-13 (200mm length)

Internal diameter: 8mm
Collar size:  30mm 
Volume: 5ml (approx.) per 100mm length
Endcap: Stainless steel (316) or PEEK
Window:  Zinc Crown Glass (Vis) OR silica (UV/Vis)
Window diameter: 15.5 mm