Service & Validation Calibration Pack: 20 x 5ml various (UKAS/NIST) for refractometers

Service & Validation Calibration Pack: 20 x 5ml various (UKAS/NIST) for refractometers

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Bellingham + Stanley Refractometer Service Calibration Pack: 20 x 5ml (UKAS/NIST).  Sealed Glass bottles with screw cap.

This pack contains 18 bottles of calibration fluids covering the typical working range of a refractometer.  For additional coverage above 1.53 RI (95 Brix) we recommend the additional purchase of our BSDD Calibration Oil that has an refractive index value of 1.56 RI.

Pack contains:

Description Qty Brix RI
AG2.5 Fluid 2 2.50 1.33659
AG5 Fluid 2 5.00 1.34026
AG7.5 Fluid 2 7.50 1.34400
AG10 Fluid 2 10.00 1.34782
AG11.2 Fluid 2 11.20 1.34968
AG12.5 Fluid 2 12.50 1.35171
AG15 Fluid 2 15.00 1.35567
AG40 Fluid 2 40.00 1.39984
Oil, BSLP 2 70.xx 1.467xx
Oil, BSDC-B 2 96.xx 1.535xx


  1. Calibration oils are batch dependent.  Values may vary slightly from those shown.  Refer to certificate supplied.
  2. See table at the bottom of this page for uncertainty statements or refer to our literature for more detail.  

This pack is ideal for verifying the performance across the whole range of a refractometer as part of an operational performance test during an initial installation of a high performance refractometer (IQ/OQ/PQ) such as an Abbe or RFM refractometer or as part of an ongoing annual performance audit (PQ) by a user or Calibration Certification service provider.

Supplied with 20 pipettes, SDS information and UKAS Calibration Certificate (ISO 17025) for each value.

Supplying refractometer calibration materials in small volume bottles protects against adulteration between use compared to, say, a single 100ml bottle.

  • Lowest cost option
  • Long life
  • Non toxic
  • Low Brix value (with equivalent RI value)
  • No special storage required


Product Code: 90-903


Description Specification
Uncertainty (k=2) - AG Fluid ±0.019 Brix / ±0.000037 RI
Uncertainty (k=2) - Calibration Oil ±0.030 Brix / ±0.000074 RI
Certificate  UKAS (ISO 17025)
Toxicity Low (see SDS)
Shelf Life 12 months (minimum)
Storage Room temperature (keep sealed)
Traceability ICUMSA / NIST