Technical buffer solutions for pH electrodes

Technical buffer solutions for pH electrodes

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These pH buffers are manufactured by WTW, a Xylem brand, which means that you can be assured that they are precise and traceable to PTB/NIST. pH buffer solutions from WTW come in three bottle sizes including 50 ml, 250 ml or 1 litre and come complete with a built-in calibration vessel.

Technical buffer solutions from WTW are ideal for calibrating and maintaining your pH electrodes and probes. They come in a variety of pH types, please use the drop-down menu to select the bottle you require. Each bottle offers the following benefits:

  • Up to 3 years shelf life (unopened)

  • Economic consumption (a little goes a long way)

  • Easy handling by use of the dosing vessel (250 ml and 1 L bottles)

  • Can be used with pH probes and meters from all manufacturers

The unique 1 litre and 250 ml bottles have a built-in “calibration vessel”. This chamber acts as a small beaker within the bottle meaning that contamination is avoided, and the amount of buffer used is limited to what is necessary to calibrate the probe. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the chamber and once the calibration is completed the non-harmful buffer can be safely disposed of in your preferred way. This chamber makes the bottles ideal for calibrating probes in the field as well as the lab.

Buffer Solutions Bottle Sizes

1L bottles

A large sized bottle of technical buffer solution for medium to large sized laboratories, complete with calibration vessel. 

TEP 2: pH 2.00
TEP 4: pH 4.01
TEP 7: pH 7.00
TEP 10: pH 10.01


250ml bottles

A practical sized bottle of technical buffer solution for small to medium sized laboratories, complete with calibration vessel.

TPL 4: pH 4.01
TPL 7: pH 7.00
TPL 10: pH 10.01

50ml bottles

For single use.

STP4: pH 4.01
STP7: pH 7.00
STP 10 Trace: pH 10.01

All technical buffer solutions are traceable to PTB (Physical Technical Government Agency) or NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA). Accuracy is recorded as ± 0,03 pH. Every bottle has its own lot reference with expiration date.