Introducing the Limited Edition “Cool Grey” OPTi® in conjunction with Bellingham + Stanley

This month Refractometer Shop is embracing the cold with a “Cool Grey” OPTi®. This icy looking instrument is available immediately across many of our refractometer collections and features the same durability, portability and digital accuracy as our original blue model.

OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometers are perfectly pocket-sized, accurate, digital refractometers available in many different scales to suit your particular application. OPTi refractometers feature an easy clean prism dish and easy-to-read LCD display, as well as a unique "AG Test Mode”. This unique mode negates the need to use expensive, short shelf-life, sucrose based solutions for verification and instead facilitates the use of long-life AG Fluid calibration materials without having to consider scale range or compensation type.

We think that the OPTi refractometer is such a reliable and accurate refractometer that it is almost like having a mini lab instrument in the palm of your hand. Not only that but every OPTi refractometer is supplied with a unique Certificate of Calibration for peace of mind (and don’t forget that a simple fixed price re-certification service is also available for those that require it).

Order your limited edition “Cool Grey” OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer from Refractometer Shop today by answering our simple question:  What do you measure?

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Limited Edition available until 31.05.20