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Measure and monitor carbon dioxide within a room

As staff return to the workplace and children return to classrooms around the world it’s important that steps are taken to reduce virus transmission in potentially crowded areas. The advice from the World Health Organisation continues to promote mask wearing in populated indoor areas, and thorough washing of hands as basic steps to help contain outbreaks.

Good ventilation in areas such as classrooms, medical practices, and offices is also key and has been proven to reduce virus load in the air dramatically, thus lowering the risk of diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza. Of course airborne viruses aren’t exactly easy to see with the naked eye, so how do we spot and eliminate risk?

Air quality monitoring for classrooms, offices and home

Fortunately the Technical University Berlin has discovered a correlation between virus load and the CO2 value within the air around us. Carbon dioxide monitors such as the Room Climate Monitor RM 100 from ebro, monitor the levels of CO2 and can evaluate the quality of the breathable air. For instance, a measurement of 250 ppm CO2 represents pure breathing air with no cause for concern. A reading of 1500 ppm CO2 however would mean the air quality is bad and immediate venting would be recommended.

Any room with good levels won’t stay that way for long if the variables change. With the presence of people either coming-or-going, or sitting for meetings or lessons the decrease in air quality is often imperceptible. Whilst the stale air is hard to spot the negative impact is most definitely there. The RM 100 constantly assesses the air quality and will alert you with either an on-screen warning, or audible alarm.

Why not just leave the windows and doors open?

During the warmer summer months it can often be preferable to keep ventilation flowing, especially if there’s a cool summer breeze to appreciate, but not all rooms have that option and often there are times when you need peace and quiet or privacy. Throughout the colder autumn and winter months keeping doors and windows closed keeps the warmth in and saves energy. This, as we’ve just learned, comes at the price of a risk to air quality. With the Room Climate Monitor RM 100 you can vent rooms only when specifically required, reducing expensive energy costs whilst keeping optimal air quality.

Can you measure wellness?

Whilst the in-built carbon dioxide alarm is a primary concern it is not the RM 100’s only feature. Climate Monitor by name, and climate monitor by nature. The RM 100 accurately measures the climate of any room it is in by detecting temperature and humidity. Did you know that the climate in office rooms has a critical impact on the productive efficiency as well as the health of employees? A small improvement of the climate within a room can increase productivity by up to 15 %, while at the same time decreasing the risk of respiratory diseases dramatically. The Room Climate Monitor RM 100 helps to attain this goal.

Every room climate monitor RM 100 is shipped with a certificate of calibration. This is proof of the accuracy and reliability of your device.

Measure and monitor carbon dioxide within a room effectively today by clicking here to learn more about the RM 100 from ebro, a Xylem brand.