Temperature monitoring for vaccine transportation, storage and more

Much has been written about the requirements for COVID-19 vaccine transportation, with the Pfizer vaccine requiring a storage temperature of -70°C to keep it from spoiling. With the vaccine being initially distributed from areas within the USA, Belgium and Germany it will need to be carefully monitored whist in transit and when stored at distribution centres, for any potential changes in temperature.

That’s where Ebro, a Xylem brand, comes in.

Ebro specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality thermometers and data loggers. Their expertise has spanned over 50 years and has been applied in many different industries such as medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage — including catering and cold chain.

Pharmaceutical expertise

A wide range of instrumentation including data loggers and thermometers have aided the pharmaceutical industry for many years. High accuracy data loggers monitor the temperature and humidity of vaccines, drugs, and other raw materials during transport and storage in order to ensure climate consistency and assist with quality control of product within the industry. 

Importantly, ebro’s range of software for calibrating data loggers and retrieving reports meets FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and can therefore help you comply with the strict statutory regulations and guidelines.

The EBI 310 TE is suitable for monitoring vaccines (including those used to fight COVID-19) thanks to its ability to measure extremely low and high temperatures.

Ebro data loggers and thermometers

Food & Beverage thermometers and data loggers

Within the food and beverage industry Ebro offers handheld instruments and data loggers for the entire cold chain. From process monitoring, transport and storage monitoring, to final incoming goods inspection. 

Ebro's EN 13485 certified handheld thermometers are great for food preparation. Not only are they accurate and simple to use, but they can help you in complying with HACCP in order to improve food safety.  The TLC Dual Core & IR precision thermometer is great for measuring the surface temperature of foodstuffs without contact, whilst still offering a probe for when you need it.

Data loggers can be used to monitor the transport and storage of food and beverage. Whether you need to track and monitor refrigerated meat in transit, or the safe storage of fresh fish, Ebro’s data loggers can accurately record temperature (and humidity, depending on the model) and produce secure, tamper-proof reports. Monitoring sensitive and costly food cargo is especially important when shipping refrigerated goods to Europe from the UK because of possible delays at the newly instated customs point between UK and EUR post Brexit.

Thermometers and data loggers

Refractometer Shop stocks a range of high quality thermometers and data loggers from Ebro, a Xylem brand.

EBI 300 Reusable Data Loggers

Reusable data logger with USB connectivity and LCD screen. Ideal for most uses when operating between -30°C and +70°C. BUY NOW.

EBI 310 TE Reusable Data Loggers for Very Low and High Temperatures

Can monitor between -200°C and +250°C. Reusable data logger with USB connectivity and LCD screen. Ideal for low temperature monitoring. BUY NOW.

EBI 330 Single Use Data Loggers 

Basic low cost data logger designed for one way trips. BUY NOW.

TLC 700 Folding Probe Thermometer

High quality precision folding probe thermometer with clear digital display for measuring core temperatures. BUY NOW.

TLC 730 Dual Core and IR Precision Thermometer

Dual-Infrared / folding probe thermometer for both surface and contact measurements. BUY NOW.

TFI 260 Thermometer

Infrared thermometer perfect for fast inspection of food without the need for contact. BUY NOW

TFX 410 Precision Core Thermometer with detachable probe

Great for applications within the food processing industry as well as other applications where deep sample penetration is required. BUY NOW.

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