Thermometers for the Great British bakers

With some great British baking back on the menu thanks to Channel 4’s new series, you may be wondering how you can get your hands on equipment similar to the ones used by contestants on the show. All would-be bakers will have a set of scales and a decent sized mixing bowl in one cupboard, and bags of flour, sugar and eggs in another but not everyone will have thought about thermometers for baking.

Being able to control and measure heat is essential for tempering chocolate and caramelising sugar both at home or in a busy kitchen. With only a small window in which to operate, using a digital thermometer can save you from burnt sugar (along with ruined pots and pans).

For those that want to have a try at tempering chocolate, to add that finishing touch of class to your beautiful bakes, then a thermometer will be required so that you can achieve that glassy, snappable finish to your chocolate.

Refractometer Shop have been experimenting in the kitchen with ebro probe thermometers (TLC 700) as well as taking a look at measuring with the hygienic, non-contact TFI 260 thermometer (perfect for those of us that love a kitchen gadget!) Both the infrared digital thermometer and probe thermometer gave excellent, accurate results, though the TFI 260 infrared proved to be a safer bet for measuring temperatures over a hot pan.

thermometer for chocolate

Kitchen thermometer