Where have all the E-lines gone?

You may have noticed a few changes around Refractometer Shop lately. As you can see, we’ve been decorating and as part of that we’ve decided to toss out some of our old furniture - but it’s for good reason!

We’ve made it even easier to find the refractometer you need by offering 2 distinct model types: Optical or Digital and with this new focus we say a fond farewell to our budget offering. The E-Line handheld refractometer has certainly been a good servant to Refractometer Shop over the years but we know that our customers expect quality, dependable products and we think you’ll find that our latest optical refractometers will eclipse the competition.

Refractometer Shop now stocks the Eclipse Professional Optical Refractometer from Bellingham + Stanley as our sole optical model.

5 great reasons why you should choose Eclipse refractometers

1. Built With High Density Aluminium

The Eclipse refractometer is constructed from high density aluminium offering a great balance to the instrument as well as the ability to quickly stabilise hot samples.

2. Water Resistant Against Moisture Ingress

IP65 rated against moisture ingress ensuring your instrument is capable in harsher environments.

3. Durable Ergonomic Design

Wide rubber coated body and eyepiece for safe, sturdy handling in all conditions.

4. Clear View

Clear simple-to-read scales making it easy to view that all important borderline.

5. Certified Refractometers

All Eclipse refractometers are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration confirming that your new refractometer has been verified in Bellingham + Stanley’s lab using UKAS Certified Reference Materials. Not only does the certification give you peace of mind, but it also offers traceability to international standards.


With these great features and a huge selection of scales to choose from, we’re sure you’ll agree - the Eclipse handheld refractometer puts the E-line in the shade. The only question to answer now is What Do You Measure?