Sucrose solution for refractometer calibration

Brix Sucrose Solution

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Sucrose Solutions offer ease of use when calibrating instruments that do not have temperature control but instead rely on temperature compensation. They are also preferred by beverage, sugar and food producers as their components typically match the product being tested. However, please keep in mind that Sucrose Solutions have a short shelf life (typically 6 weeks).

Sucrose Solutions are available in a number of values covering the range 0-60 °Brix and are supplied with a Manufacturer’s certificate showing traceability to ICUMSA and NIST.

  • 15ml plastic bottle for direct application to refractometer
  • Suitable for all types of refractometer, including those with ATC (sugar based).
  • 6-week shelf life
  • Traceable to NIST and ICUMSA
  • Supplied with ISO17025 certificate of calibration.

Whilst we endeavour to send stock as soon as possible please note that calibration items are subject to a 5-10 working days lead time.