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Refractometers for food and beverage

Bellingham + Stanley has been manufacturing handheld refractometers since the 1930s when they were first introduced for checking the ripeness of sugar cane immediately in the field. Since then the use of a refractometer within the food & beverage industry has grown in its application.

For the fastest, most accurate way of measuring Brix or Refractive Index by hand, we recommend the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer which measures between 0-95 °Brix as standard.

There are many reasons to use a refractometer within food & beverage, for instance this model 45-01 Eclipse refractometer can be used for testing the ripeness of fresh fruits such as tomatoes and grapes simply by squeezing a small amount of juice directly onto the refractometer prism. Refractometers can also be used for testing finished juices and other soft drinks - perfect for a small to medium sized business looking to monitor and control product.

Our popular OPTi refractometer for Honey features a 10-30% water-in-honey scale making this instrument perfect for beekeepers looking to measure the moisture content in honey.

Refractometers can also be used in the manufacturing of jam, marmalade, syrup and other high sugar content products. If you would like to use a refractometer for high sugar content, look out for instruments with scales measuring between 28-82 Brix, or better yet use the OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer which measures between 0-95 °Brix as standard.

Our range of optical and digital refractometers for food & beverage are all made in Germany by Bellingham + Stanley.

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