Temperature, Data Logging & Validation

Refractometer Shop has teamed up with ebro, a Xylem brand, to offer temperature and validation instruments that complement our range of handheld refractometers.

Xylem's ebro brand has been manufacturing innovative products for almost 50 years. Ebro products are designed in Germany and are used throughout the world to measure critical parameters including temperature, humidity, pressure and more. Application use ranges from food hygiene and pasteurisation validation to sterilisation in medical fields.

Customers include a leading German discount supermarket chain with over 8,000 stores worldwide. Throughout Europe the chain have used the ebro EBI 20 T1 and TLC 730 series to fulfil their requirements of European regulation (EC) No. 37/2005 for the monitoring of temperature in transport, warehousing and storage used for quick-frozen foodstuffs. This has enabled them to control their cold chain minimising waste, and keep customer satisfaction high with reduced spoilage - ensuring repeat custom.

We stock a range of precision thermometers including folding probe thermometers, ideal for measuring core temperatures and infrared precision thermometers enabling non-contact temperature measurements - ideal for the catering or supermarket industries.

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